Co nas boli? - spotkanie dla społeczności LGBTQ+

WHAT HURTS US? - meeting for the LGBTQ+ community

On November 27, Punkt 11 once again hosted the LGBTQ+ community. After the first meeting, which was a workshop and focused on inclusive language, there was an invitation to discuss the problems, challenges and needs of LGBTQ+ people living in Bielsko-Biała.

The initiator and host of the "What hurts us" event was Kuba Nowak, a city activist, and not only LGBTQ+ people responded to the invitation, but also their families, friends, supporters and those who wanted to expand their awareness and knowledge.

Opening up to strangers is not easy, so everyone who showed up and spoke out by sharing their story, observations and doubts should be appreciated even more. The conversation showed how much there is to be done and also confirmed that no action will be initiated without dialogue.

Thanks to the meeting, we were able to organize our knowledge about places in Bielsko-Biała that we can define as safe spaces and why and for whom defining space in this way is important. There were many more topics in the discussion - which proves one thing: how important and necessary such events are.

The presence of Przemek Walas from the Tęczówka Association from Katowice was of great support. Thanks to his many years of experience, he suggested solutions, encouraged people to take action and, above all, confirmed: change starts with us.

Due to the nature of the meeting and in accordance with the will of the organizers and participants, no documentary photos were taken.

What hurts us?

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