Dni Bielska-Białej 2023

Bielsko-Biała Days 2023

This year's city festival is over. Although the weather was less than perfect we still managed to have a full programme of events, so good memories were made. We had the first concerts in the newly remodelled Wojska Polskiego Square and popstar Kora's greatest hits sung from the window of the Polish Theatre. There were dozens of get-togethers, lots of great sensations and experiences, but above all we celebrated the fashions, spirit and energy of the multicoloured 1970s - the years that were to present Bielsko-Biała and the world with the tiny Fiat 126p.

On the evening of 1 September, formally inaugurating the city festival just before a concert by Boney M., City President Jarosław Klimaszewski said to the residents of Bielsko-Biała: The next few days are to thank you for all your work in the city last year, for your taxes, because, irrespective of local or national government input, we have no other money - all we get is what comes from you. It is your city and I will remain your President for as long as you want me to be President. That's why today I invite you to enjoy three days of celebrations, and on Monday we'll be back at work again! What do you say to that? Is that all right? – he asked with a smile. On the evening of 3 September, after three fun packed days, the President thanked the residents for their involvement and invited them to the last event of Bielsko-Biała Days 2023 - the Boskie BB concert. The photographic compilation below will best describe what went on over the three-day holiday.

Photos: Paweł Sowa


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