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Next meeting of the Policy Board

On 19 April a second meeting of the Policy Board of the Bielsko-Biała European Capital of Culture 2029 project was held, chaired by Iwona Purzycka.

Towns and cities wishing to apply for the title of ECoC 2029 are required to submit a bid by mid-September. The key criteria for the assessment of the bid by the European Commission were discussed at this meeting. The criteria are: the city's long-term cultural strategy (which include the years of preparation), the actual year of festivities and how to use the experience gained at a later time; cultural and artistic content; visibility on a European scale; reaching out to and widely including residents; management; and the ability to implement the presented vision. Of significance is the fact that it is not enough merely to prepare a bid that meets the above criteria. The town or city bidding must demonstrate its unique character and creative ideas for development.

Applying for the ECoC title is a wide-ranging undertaking, which is why it was decided to continue the work divided into thematic groupings, in keeping with the expertise of the members of this Board.

At the same time, work on a visual profile relating to Bielsko-Biała's candidacy for the title of ECC 2029 was already underway, and the website www.facebook.com/bb.esk2029 was also launched
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