Październik jest miesiącem świadomości raka piersi.

October is breast cancer awareness month.

In light of this, together with the Polka Idolka Foundation, we’d like to invite you to a special, stimulating meeting to be held on 26th October at 6pm in Punkt 11.

In an atmosphere of togetherness and womanhood, we will be discussing what matters to us: health, illness, perception of our own bodies, the scars that hurt, and most importantly, our breasts.

We have invited experts to share their knowledge and experience. We will be discussing prevention, art and femininity.

Taking part in the discussions will be:

Paulina Oździńska, a survivor of breast cancer and co-founder of the Polka Idolka Foundation,

Anita Worwa - a psychologist providing support to oncology patients,

Agnieszka Jagiełka - an artist and creator of body-positive ceramics (@human_nature_studio).

This is an invitation to everyone to join us. Tea and coffee provided. Bring along your mother, sister, neighbour, or even your partner or brother. The event is open to all.

Please come and join us!

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