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Working with an audience

Bielsko-Biała's candidacy for the title of European Capital of Culture 2029 is tied in with a series of training sessions that will contribute to the development of culture in our city. On 10 and 11 May, Sixta Villa hosted audience building workshops led by Agata Etmanowicz and Aleksandra Kołtun. These were attended by people professionally associated with culture, employees of municipal institutions, as well as members of the public.

Thanks to the hands-on methods employed during the workshops, it was possible to combine theory with actual work to best understand what audience building is all about. The aim of the workshop was also to broaden knowledge of designing events, to create interesting programmes and to enable efficient communication with audiences.

Audience building, workshops

This is what the participants had to say after the training sessions about their experiences:

Audience building workshops allowed me to better understand how to communicate with the recipients of the cultural life of our city. They made us realise how important it is for each of us to feel comfortable in public spaces and how accessibility plays a huge role. The second day confirmed my belief that teenagers in Bielsko schools really need their own space to be able to develop their interests and meet friends freely, without supervision and pressure. It was wonderful that young people wanted to not only to talk to us but, most importantly, that they were grateful that someone had listened to them.

We often have a problem reaching a specific audience in our cultural institutions. At the workshops run by Impact Audience, which included the involvement of a group of young people from Bielsko-Biała, I learned how to build relationships with the local community and how important it is not only to attract new audiences, participators in the events, but above all to take care of those who already engage in culture.”

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