Rozwój miasta przez kulturę - stwórzmy razem strategię.

The city’s development through culture - let's work on a strategy together.

A meeting is to be held at 4pm on 19 October at the Wictoria Kubisz Cultural Centre at 17 Juliusza Słowackiego Street in Bielsko-Biała. The aim of this meeting is to discuss Bielsko-Biała’s Cultural Development Strategy between now and 2030.

The strategy document comprises an initial analysis, a vision for development, the role of culture in the city, expectations, aspirations, ways to engage residents in realising the vision, priorities and strategic goals, directions for action to be taken, the principal initiatives, and an implementation and monitoring system.

Both in its formulation and implementation, and at every stage of work relating to the strategy, the authors invite residents, community leaders, creative communities, cultural directors, politicians, local managers, civic society organisations, local business communities, educators, cultural representatives, and other relevant stakeholders to collaborate and work together as partners.

Analytical and diagnostic work on the document continued until the end of August. The final project is expected to be unveiled in December of this year. Everyone is warmly invited to join in the discussions!

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