Zapisy na warsztaty „Fundraising pozaprojektowy”


A series of training sessions have taken place as part of Bielsko-Biała's candidacy for the title of European Capital of Culture 2029. Three workshops are behind us: an audience building and development workshop; activities using a design thinking method, i.e. a creative approach to designing an offer based on the needs of recipients; and one relating to fundraising training which took place in June.

The last of these workshops dealt with practical knowledge on the methods of communication with donors, methods of raising funds, the fundraiser's code of ethics and building a fundraising campaign. As places were limited participants were vetted by phone beforehand to determine to what extent the person applying for the workshop would use the acquired knowledge in practice and contribute to the cultural development of the city. Those accepted had an opportunity to consult a trainer for free for 30 minutes, and they received a diploma at the end of the training confirming the acquired qualifications. The workshops were run in keeping with the fundraiser education standard of the European Fundraising Association.

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