BB2029 Bielsko-Biała miasto kultury

The Story

The City of Weaves is a creative meeting place for people and ideas. An energising shift emerges when these interconnect, making us grow and develop. It is here that yesterday merges with today and gives birth to tomorrow.

Two dominant strands of thread, entwined by the winding thread that is the River Biała reveal themselves in this unique and multihued patterned fabric - the history of two once separate towns. What connects them is the story that is woven from the energy of merchants, craftsmen and engineers. The dialogue of different cultures can be heard in the pulsating rhythm of history and social change. Experiences and emotions are interwoven. Ceaseless movement interweaves with the tranquillity of the constant and unchanging nature of the mountains.

We are weaving new threads into this urban story.
Together, we are seeking a balance that will help us in taking care of our wellbeing and our natural heritage. To share knowledge we are focusing on collaborative work and the education of tomorrow.

Welcome to the City of Weaves.

We are putting ourselves forward for European Capital of Culture 2029.

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