Gdzie ta zieleń? Wielka debata na pl. Wojska Polskiego

Where is the greenery we were promised? A major debate on Wojska Polskiego Square

Questions from dozens of Bielsko-Biała residents were answered over a period of almost two hours by participants in the debate Where is the greenery we were promised? which took place on 4 May on Wojska Polskiego Square. This initiative was organised by Punkt 11.

Dariusz Gajny, a city horticulturist, and Kamil Szewczyk, an activist from the Silesian Climate Movement, responded to pressing questions posed by the residents of Bielsko-Biała relating to green issues. These included collection of rainwater, flower meadows, pocket parks, replacement planting, removal of paving in certain city areas and planting greenery in its place, collection of green waste, ecological education, or matters pertaining to Dolina Gościnna.
Many of the issues discussed directly concerned the place where the debate took place, namely the newly revivified Wojska Polskiego Square.

In the photo Kamil Szewczyk, Dariusz Gajny and the moderator of the debate - Piotr Skucha

In the photo: Kamil Szewczyk, Dariusz Gajny and debate moderator, Piotr Skucha

“Every community needs a meeting place and this is what this square will do. All the events that have taken place so far in front of the Town Hall building, most of those that took place on the Market Square will move to Wojska Polskiego Square - every city needs such space - explained Dariusz Gajny to the gathered. – This square space must have space for setting up the stage, escape routes, there are many nuances here. Thus, Plac Chrobrego and the Market Square will partly leave the entertainment function and ideas for greening them are already emerging. Because we don't need so many squares in the city, he added.

After revitalization on Plac Wojska Polskiego and the nearby ul. Cyniarska will have 68 trees and several thousand perennials. Shrubs will appear around the maples planted in the square. A lot of effort at the design stage was put into a small retention. In the central point of the square, underground, there is one of the two rainwater tanks with a capacity of up to 200,000 liters. The second such tank has been located closer to the Klimczok Department Store and has a capacity of 150,000 litres. The collected water will be used for for watering plants in the city.

photo: Emilia Klejmont / UMBB Press Department

Photo: Emilia Klejmont / Press Department, Bielsko-Biała City Hall

There was also a lot about maintaining greenery in the city

- Taking care of greenery in the city should definitely be done by neglect, by lack of landscaping, no mowing, no raking and no cutting - argued Kamil Szewczyk.

Since last year, as many as 7 hectares of green areas in Bielsko-Biała have been mowed only twice a year. Besides, they are left to themselves.

- In parks, however, we will continue to mow the grass, because more and more residents want to, for example, in Słowackiego Park or in Włókniarzy Park, spread out with a blanket and have a picnic, which makes me very happy. And there the grass must be maintained. But there are also places in the same parks where we can stop mowing - replied Dariusz Gajny.

A detailed summary of the debate will soon appear on the Facebook profile of Punkt 11 . The facility announces that this was not the last discussion of this type. There are plans for more under the slogan: City in the POINT! It may concern an advertising resolution or waste segregation. Point 11 is also waiting for your ideas.

Author: Emilia Klejmont

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