Jesteśmy w finale! BB2029 Bielsko-Biała

We are in the finals

Bielsko-Biała's efforts to win the title of European Capital of Culture 2029 have brought results. This afternoon we learned that our city has advanced to the second stage of the battle for the ECoC. Our application form – the so-called bidbook - gained acceptance of the evaluation committee composed of European experts.

- After half a year of very hard work, in which over a thousand people were involved, after many meetings, discussion panels and workshops, we can announce success - says the mayor of Bielsko-Biała, Jarosław Klimaszewski, thanking all the inhabitants of Bielsko for their active participation in creating the fantastic cultural and historical heritage of our country. places on earth. - Now, a few minutes after the verdict was announced, we get down to further work.

Katowice, Kołobrzeg and Lublin are still competing with us for the ECoC.

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