O kulturze ponad granicami BB2029

About culture beyond borders

As part of our efforts to win the title of European Capital of Culture 2029, we build international partnerships and engage in study trips of specialists from various fields, enabling us to learn about other cultures. Recently, we traveled to Dublin for the 5th UCLG Culture Summit. Future. Objectives and to Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, for the 11th conference of the Culture Next network.

The best way to accelerate change is to exchange ideas. During the 5th UCLG Culture Summit – Culture. Future. Targets in Dublin, speakers from all continents shared their thoughts on culture as a vehicle for change. Sustainable development goals and specific connections between culture, health and the environment were considered. We listened to the experiences of other countries to better understand the needs of the inhabitants of Bielsko-Biała and prepare us for the future woven in our city thanks to culture.

Representatives of Bielsko-Biała also took part in the 11th conference of the Culture Next network in Leeuwarden in the Netherlands. The mission of Culture Next, of which we are a member, is to support current and former candidate cities for the title of European Capital of Culture in the implementation of culture-based urban development programs and policies. During the meeting in the Netherlands, two thematic groups were created. The first one focused on the participation of young people in cultural events and is conducted by the French city of Rouen - candidate for ECoC 2028, and the second one focused on finances in culture. Our city has the honor of leading an international team dealing with finance. The inaugural meeting of the mentioned thematic group took place in Leeuwarden. The result of joint work will be a compendium of knowledge and podcasts that will discuss in detail the aspects of financing culture from public and private funds, also taking into account the issues of remuneration in the cultural sector.

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