BB2029 Bielsko-Biała

Record involvement of residents in the ECC!

A record number of 105 projects were submitted by the inhabitants of Bielsko-Biała and its surroundings during the second call for ideas for cultural and social projects as part of the city's bid for the title of European Capital of Culture 2029. Let us recall that Bielsko-Biała found itself in the prestigious group of four Polish cities qualified for the second, final stage of the competition.

Among the applications were ideas from many fields: visual arts, music, tourism, digital communication, fashion, culinary, theatre, education and ecology or cultural heritage, as well as ideas combining various disciplines - the ingenuity of the citizens of Bielsko-Biała knew no bounds. The ECC task force was waiting above all for projects that would refer in various ways to the weaving heritage of the twin-city, but also to the many meanings of the word weaves. Already after a preliminary review of the projects, it can be written that it will not be disappointed in this matter.

The team will now analyse the submitted ideas in detail and meet with their authors.

Even if a submitted project does not make it into the final bidbook - i.e. the city's final application for the ECC2029 competition - it can still be part of the European Capital of Culture activities or can be realised in other circumstances.
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