Różowe warsztaty tworzenia kwiatów z krepiny

Pink Workshops - Crepe Paper Flower-Making

On 24 August 2023, a pink, crepe paper flower-making, workshop was held at Punkt 11, an unusual event for many reasons. Only women were invited to take part in the workshops. Why? To talk about important issues - health, education, the challenges that modern times pose to women, and about their place in society - in an atmosphere of community and creativity, and with a feeling of safety and mutual understanding.

The meeting was led by designer, cosmetologist and costume designer, Beata Bojda, a versatile artist who, with great regard for tradition, uses folk-inspired tissue paper craftwork in her projects. She invited champions from her own KORONACJA (CORONATION) campaign, for women suffering from cancer, to take part in the workshops. The crepe paper workshops were supported by the Fundacja Strefa Kobiet (Women's Sector Foundation).

Through the creation of crepe paper brooches, each participant was able to share her story, and all were inspiring and extraordinary. The invited guests talked about their experiences, but these were not limited to just events connected to their illness. They stressed how great a motivation it was for them to take part in the artistic project created by Beata Bojda.

These workshops are a prelude to further ones to follow in the series, to be held at Punkt 11, also under the banner of the ECoC.

Crepe paper flower-making was one of the projects submitted by our residents in the open call-out campaign announced as part of our candidacy, demonstrating the extraordinary value of tradition, reviving the beauty of handicrafts and at the same time building relationships.


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