śniadanie IT BB2029

IT breakfast

Today, digital reality intertwines almost every aspect of our lives, from communication and entertainment to work and education. This is undoubtedly a space that needs to be intertwined with the fabric of the city and the real world.

An extremely connecting event is behind us - the New Year's Breakfast of the Podbeskidzie IT Industry was held in the Beskidzka Library. IT specialists from various companies talked about how the industry can develop and what is the specificity of IT in Podbeskidzie. The meeting was attended by the mayor of Bielsko-Biała, Jarosław Klimaszewski.

– The IT industry in our city has been developing very rapidly recently and this is a great pride and opportunity for us. Looking strategically, we must know that we are slowly running out of investment areas for traditional industry. When building a strategy for the city's development in the long term, we remember its excellent location and low unemployment, which is why we want to point out Bielsko-Biała as a great place to live. What is important is not only the work itself, which we can increasingly do remotely, but also what we can do after work. And hence, among other things, our efforts to become the European Capital of Culture 2029 - said the president.

The meeting began with the Podbeskidzie IT panel as a synergy project of the IT industry on the local market, led by the president of the management board of Jantar Sp. z o. o. Przemysław Targosz and vice-president of Rekord SI Sp. z o. o. Piotr Szymura. Przemysław Targosz presented the environment's visions and plans for this year. He announced a Design Thinking workshop meeting on April 16, the creation of a newsletter, a promotional film and an IT portal in the mountains, or a HUB/Cluster under the aegis of ARR SA. Piotr Szymura summarized the 5th BBDays4.IT with the participation of 53 partners, attended by over 3,800 people and took place 120 events.

Rafał Sakowski talked about the digital transformation of Bielsko-Biała in the context of efforts to become the European Capital of Culture 2029. The Startups and IT companies from the Podbeskidzie region 2023 report was also summarized. The lecture part ended with the president of the Regional Development Agency, Maciej Jeleń, who spoke about the Beskid Digital Innovation Hub.

The event was organized by: Bielsko-Biała 2029 European Capital of Culture, Beskidzka Library, Beskidzka Chamber of Commerce, StartUP Podbeskidzie, Regional Development Agency.

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